OK so what's Forefront about then?

So I thought I'd best put a few words together to explain a bit of what Forefront is all about, why it's here and what I'm hoping to achieve with it. Hold on tight, here goes!

What is it?

Forefront is a community/user group for anyone in and around Leeds who is involved with or has an interest in front-end design and development. The idea is to get together on a regular(ish) basis to discus front-end related stuff. This may (or may not) involve talks.


There are a lot of user groups and meet-ups in and around Leeds, so why do we need another one? Well, the groups that are currently around are either very specific language based groups, such as Leeds PHP, Leeds Ruby Thing & Leeds Js or more generic industry based events such as drinks.digitaleeds and Hey!stac. There is nothing specifically for front-end. I think there should be, obviously.

Front-end design and development has gone through (and is still going through) something of a revolution over the past few years. The growth of mobile and the emergence of responsive web design has meant everyone has had to re-assess how they work, and what methods and processes they use.

The days of a designer mocking a site up in Photoshop and then handing it off to the dev team to build are long gone (aren't they?!). We now live in a world of iterative design, design in the browser, agile work flows, style tiles & working prototypes. We're expected to produce sites that are device agnostic, resolution independent & highly optimised. We have a plethora of tools and techniques available to us such as SASS, LESS, Coffee script, Middleman, Codekit, Mixture and many, many more.

Now more than ever seems to be the time when we should be getting together and sharing our experiences in the brave new world of front-end. What tools are you using and why? What's working for you? What isn't? What are your processes? What's good about them what's not. The more we can share our experiences & knowledge the better equipped we'll all be to tackle this brave new world together.

The work we do is at the forefront of the web, it defines people's experiences of it. Let's help each other make those experiences great!

Welcome to Forefront :-)

Russ - @russpoulter

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