Forefront No9 - November 25th at The Belgrave

Our next event will be on November 25th at the Belgrave Leeds. Here's what you need to know.


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Alex Bennett - @webbist

Evolution of front end development

I describe myself as a front end developer, but what does that mean? A couple of years ago it meant building user interfaces focussing on html, CSS and some JavaScript. By all accounts not a programming heavy profession, as the industry developed we were introduced to more and more tools, so where are we heading?

Becs Rivett Kemm - @becskr

Why does everybody hate email?

Email gets a bad rap, but do we really need to code like it’s 1999?

I’m going to show you why you should rethink and reconsider email - both in its execution and as a powerful marketing tool. I’ll give you some examples of the best tools available and how to make email development smarter and quicker so you'll fall in love with email!

Simon Wilson - @ermlikeyeah

Platforms for working

In government we have many platforms for working.

We have the digital service standard. We have a lean model in place to help us create services. We have the belief in working agile. We have clear team structure, as well as breaking UX into “the team’s work” and putting a focus on interaction design, content design, and user research as specific roles. We have "design patterns" as guidelines. We have a prototype kit to help us kick off and kick on with making things to get in front of users. And we try to work in the open.

Now spending his time running around the country working for government, Si will talk about working in this environment – and the lessons other organisations and businesses can take from making sure they have platforms to work off as well.

You can get a taster of Si’s thoughts on this on Si’s blog

Full Location details

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, 1-1a Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP

Very grateful to all the guys at RapidSpike who will be sponsoring the event. This means a free beer, or alternative drink of your choice, for attendees :-) Thanks!

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