Forefront No10 - March 2nd at The Belgrave

Our next event will be on March 2nd at the Belgrave Leeds. Here's what you need to know.

We've mixed things up a little and we welcome your feedback and ideas to make Forefront even better.


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David Parker - @_boldfacedesign

Introduction to Apple TV App's

Introduction to building an Apple TV Client-Server app with the TVJS Framework and ES6.

The 4th generation Apple TV comes with the TVJS framework, a JavaScript API provided by Apple themselves. We'll look at how to interact with this and make use of the new TVML (TV Markup Language) to quickly create a 'Client-Server' app. The app it's self will be built using ES6 features such as template strings, classes, arrow functions, let & const, modules and new array methods. We'll have a look at some of these and their use cases.

Aaron Thomas - @_acthomas

Interoperable CSS

We know CSS isn’t perfect – the global scope, the specificity, the mutability. We go out of our way to over-engineer our stylesheets with complex architectures and naming conventions to make our code a little more bearable. Imagine a world where we could write modular CSS that only affected the components we intend it to and inheritance is explicit rather than cascading. This talk explores the concept of CSS Modules and Interoperable CSS to see how our applications and stylesheets can work together to made our code simpler, cleaner and easier to maintain.


We're trying somthing a bit different this month and introducing a forum. The general chats and discusstions at ForeFront are some of the best bits. We're aiming to encorage these discussions.

Topic: The Future of front end

Front end design and development continues to move at a frenetic pace but what does the future hold, what exciting directions are we moving into?

We're using to gather questions, upto and on the night. You can submit questions, and vote up other suggestions to be discussed.

Check out hastag is #ffforum

Panel members

Chris Kemm : Chair - @chriskemm
Russ Poulter - @russpoulter
David Parker - @boldfacedesign
Aaron Thomas - @
Chris Compston - @ndxcc

Full Location details

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, 1-1a Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP

Very grateful to all the guys at Engage Interactive who will be sponsoring the event. This means a free beer, or alternative drink of your choice, for attendees :-) Thanks!

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