Forefront No8 - August 25th 2015 at The Belgrave

Our next event will be on August 25th at the Belgrave Leeds. Here's what you need to know.


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Emily Cressey - @emilyvc_

Confessions of a first year web dev

A look into experiences and lessons learned from a year working in a small web agency fresh out of university. Exploring the benefits and downsides of being part of a small team, building a design process from scratch and finding your own place in a tiny space. Expect a chilled out heart to heart and the occasional (okay probably more than occasional), animals-doing-silly-things gif.

Emily is a front-end developer and creative working at Harrogate based web agency Mixd.

Ben Cooper

Jankety Jank

Rendering performance is becoming such a prominent figure in web applications that not having an understanding will cost you dearly in the eyes of your users. Understanding how the browser optimises rendering and what the app lifecycle consists of, your apps will be running at a silky smooth 60 FPS in no time.

Ben is a Front End Developer working at Sky UK.

Full Location details

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, 1-1a Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP

Very grateful to all the guys at Thompson Brand Partners who will be sponsoring the event. This means a free beer, or alternative drink of your choice, for attendees :-) Thanks!

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